Wellness and being happy – how?

Jen a pouze souhlas, dokonale shrnuti od Mark Hyman, M.D.

Feel the life. That’s all what I say. And be nice.

Wellness is more than just eating right and exercising; it’s also much more than just feeling “okay.”

Feeling well means feeling whole, balanced, vibrant, and alive. And there are many moving pieces that we can tap into to feel empowered in our own wellness journey. 

The key focus areas that I always recommend my patients pay attention to are community, spirit, emotional health, relationships, nutrition, movement, purpose, and mindset. Within these areas, we can have a dramatic influence on our immediate and future health. 

There is so much you can do to help yourself to prevent, treat, and heal dis-ease no matter what situation you’re in. You have the power to change your health and these areas are where it all begins. 


I often see patients who feel they are doing everything right. They are eating nutrient-dense foods, getting adequate sleep, going to the gym…but they just don’t feel good. When I ask about their community and social connections they’re often surprised. But when we dig in and get to the real truth—loneliness, social isolation, and a lack of feeling that they belong—it becomes painfully clear that this is the missing link. And science shows us that a sense of community is correlated to longer, healthier, and happier lives. Volunteering, joining a class, and prioritizing time with loved ones are all ways to strengthen your social bonds and support your health in the process. Get involved in things you care about and your community connections will naturally fall into place. 


A sense of spirit is like a very strong self-awareness, encompassing our inner passions, values, and beliefs; everything that makes us, us. And when we are tuned in to it we are better able to navigate the ups and downs of life. Our values and personal truths keep us grounded in integrity and deepening this connection to ourselves gives us strength and resilience. No matter what your religious or spiritual practices, you can tap into your individual sense of spirit by doing daily “gut-checks” to listen to your intuition and taking quiet downtime to reflect, journal, meditate or pray—whatever helps you feel more connected to yourself. 

Emotional Health 

Our emotional health impacts our physical health, there is no way around it. I’ve overcome some of my own emotional barriers in the past; traumas and toxic beliefs are scary to unpack but when you do you give yourself freedom and the opportunity for dynamic growth. Work with a coach, speak up for yourself, let your feelings out. Deciding to focus on your emotional health as much as your physical health will have big payoffs for your wellness and happiness throughout life.


Just as community is essential to our wellbeing, so are our individual relationships. Do the people in your life lift you up, inspire you, give you joy? Or do they pull you down, cause stress, and create conflict? The relationships we experience have a cumulative effect, impacting both short- and long-term health. Recognizing and releasing a toxic relationship can be as powerful for our health as eliminating an environmental toxin. Spend time and energy supporting the relationships you do have and don’t be afraid to cultivate a new friendship with someone you’re interested in getting to know better, chances are they could use a new friend too. 


I’m always talking about the power of food, and for good reason! What we fuel our body with affects everything—energy levels, weight, immune system, hormones, all of it. And though the nutritional landscape can get confusing with all of the diet wars (Vegan? Keto? Low-carb?) there is one major thing that all experts agree on: eat plenty of colorful vegetables. Think about eating the rainbow each and every day and you’ll be on the right path. Then, incorporate clean high-quality protein sources that suit your morals, like grass-fed beef or organic gluten-free tempeh, along with plenty of healthy fats like avocados, walnuts, olive oil, and coconut. A few simple dietary tweaks can make a world of difference in how you feel. 


Exercise is called a polypill because it does so much to benefit the entire body. Cardiovascular health, mood, metabolism, bone strength, the list goes on and on. But you don’t have to go to the gym to move your body. Find an activity you like, something that is fun, and make it part of your wellness routine. Even a walk outside can work wonders. I love to get together with a friend and play tennis or go to a yoga class; not only do we both feel good getting the physical activity we also support and encourage each other to make it a regular habit. 


Research shows having a sense of purposeactually relates to living a longer, happier life. When we feel we are sharing our unique gifts with others we feel useful, appreciated, validated, and meaningful. Think about what you feel you are best at, what you enjoy the most, and how you can put those things together to participate in a cause that matters to you. 


Our mindset is what brings it all together. We have to get in the right headspace to help ourselves stay healthy and reach our goals. Your mindset is your collection of attitudes—how you respond to challenges, express gratitude, manage your time, and take care of yourself are just some of the parts of your life that you can assess to get a better understanding of your mindset. One studyfound that those with a “stress-is-enhancing” mindset, as opposed to a “stress-is-debilitating” mindset, had fewer psychological stress responses like anxiety, depression, and anger. So take some time to shift your perspective into a more positive light and your entire body will reap the benefits. 

You can nourish yourself and cultivate lasting wellness using these key principles. I’ve personally experienced the powerful shifts that are possible using a holistic, functional approach that supports the body, mind, and spirit; take your first step today.

Wishing you health and happiness, 
Mark Hyman, MD


EMF záření – jak se ho zbavit? 5G sítě a jejich penetrace prostorem…


What Can You Do to Reduce Your Exposure to EMFs and Dirty Electricity?

As we have seen, many experts are concerned about the health effects of the proposed massive increase in transmitters needed for 5G deployment and are working to protect us from their harmful effects. In the meantime, we need to protect ourselves as much as possible while we wait for existing exposure limits to be revised. Here are a few recommendations for lowering or eliminating exposure to harmful EMFs and dirty electricity:17,18

  1. Keep all devices in another room at night. Carry them in a bag instead of in clothing
  2. Try to have phone conversations on a landline instead of putting your cell phone up to your head for long periods of time
  3. Headphones and chargers can increase EMF exposure from cell phones – so don’t use them while they’re charging
  4. Avoid traditional headsets. Instead, opt for air tube headsets, which deliver great sound without EMF exposure
  5. Putting your cell phone on airplane mode stops connectivity with the towers, minimizing radiation exposure
  6. Get rid of electric blankets, waterbeds, and electric heating pads
  7. Use a quality shielding phone case that is designed to block various forms of radiation.
  8. Purchase shielded, grounded extension cords and power cords for home use
  9. Change your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude smoke detectors, alarms, etc. and then switch off the circuit breaker at night
  10. Use battery-powered alarm clocks
  11. Leave at least eight inches of space between your bed and your wall. Wiring (even in walls) can emit a significant magnetic field
  12. Position your bed so that it’s as far away as possible from strong magnetic field sources, including the utility pole, refrigerator, and home entertainment center
  13. Forget about Bluetooth headsets. Use speaker mode to keep your phone as far away from your body as possible
  14. If you’re using a laptop at home, avoid Wi-Fi and opt for hard-wired Ethernet connections
  15. Purchase a radio frequency meter, which will allow you to pinpoint EMF hotspots
  16. Reduce or eliminate dimmer switches, wireless products, printers, scanners, computers, television sets, and other energy-saving devices.


12 top mentálních modelů na učení se a zdokonalování

Stejně jako svaly i mozek potřebuje trénovat. Ono nejlepší je pořádně se hýbat nebát se zkuist chodit třeba po lajně, začít lézt po skalách a nebo udělat most a pořadně se protáhnout. Ovšem po protažení závitů je zapotřebí na sobě máknout také.

Takže se nebojte a zkuste – protože už jen to, že zkusíte novou věc, je obrovským stimulem pro náš mozek a když dosáhnete cíle, tak o to větším přínosem bude radost z dosažení.

Modré světlo? Hnus, vaše Velebnosti…

Náš organismus je vytvořen evolucí nebo dosazen na tuto planetu. Vše je optimalizvoané pro život na Zemi a proto naše oko vnímá den a noc a podle typu světla se řidí naše vnitření hodiny. Ovšem s nástupem LED technologií v našich TV a display telefonů a tabletů si zaděláváme na trable – nakonec spousta je zná osobně – nechce se nám vstávat, špatně se spí, ráno jsme unavení. Modré světlo emitované displyem blokuje tvorbu metoninu = hormonu spánku.

Perfektní rozhvor zde:

(na aktualne.cz Nebezpečné světlo z mobilů? Od lékařů možná uslyšíme nepěknou diagnózu, říká expert)

Super app které řídí světelný tok zde:


Proč se starat o svá střeva?

Jsem tím, co jím. Prostě neoddiskutovatelný fakt. A to co sníme se zpracovává v trávící soustavě. Pokud nejíme dostatek vlákniny a občas se nepročistíme, tak nás začnou trápit problémy.

Bolest hlavy, kloubů, únava, aritmie – ovšem místo potlačování symtomů bychom se měli zamyslet nad příčinou. Takto to vypadá ve střevech pomocí endoskopického přístroje. A co nemoc a problém, to na první podhled patrná nečistota na stěnách a jejich poškození.


– premýšlet co jím a konzumovat dostatek vlakniny (kartáč na střeva)
– pravidelně na podzim a na jaře se dotoxikovat (chlorealla nebo epsom salt)
– vzdělávat se, např. http://www.european-vegetarian.org

Návod na reálný detox od Raye Mayora je No1:

Jak na hádky? Non Violen Communication je cestou

1. jen co se začínáme hádat tak, že začínáme sdělovat za každou cenu svůj názor, je čas”opustit místnost”. Jakmile se náš tep dostane nad 90BPM už stejně nedokážeme uvažovat logicky, je na čase uklidnit se, odejít, vyvětrat se.

2. mluvme o pocitech a o nicem jiném. Nesmíme pustit naše EGO do diskuze – ať pouze pokyvujeme pouze hlavou a usmívame se nebo zda na sebe řveme. EGO chce vždy bojovat s EGEM. Když mluvíme o pocitech náš oponent nemuže nic zmenit na tom, jak se cítíme – jedině že by nám pomohl pocit změnit.

3. Nikdy neříkejme nikdy a pokaždé. Je to hloupost odporujcící ZEN principu. Podstatné je VŽDY se soustředit jen na jednu věc a na TEĎ.

Preferujte místo chcete

Žijeme ve světě kde CHCI, JÁ POTŘEBUJI naprosto přebíjí již od narození naší přirozenost volby, toho co preferujeme, co si zvolíme. Ano, volba je těsně napojena na intuici a naše Vyšší Já, ovšem jak často ji potlačujeme a nahrazujeme prostou potřebou. Ray skvěle vysvětluje na videu níže: