EMF záření – jak se ho zbavit? 5G sítě a jejich penetrace prostorem…


What Can You Do to Reduce Your Exposure to EMFs and Dirty Electricity?

As we have seen, many experts are concerned about the health effects of the proposed massive increase in transmitters needed for 5G deployment and are working to protect us from their harmful effects. In the meantime, we need to protect ourselves as much as possible while we wait for existing exposure limits to be revised. Here are a few recommendations for lowering or eliminating exposure to harmful EMFs and dirty electricity:17,18

  1. Keep all devices in another room at night. Carry them in a bag instead of in clothing
  2. Try to have phone conversations on a landline instead of putting your cell phone up to your head for long periods of time
  3. Headphones and chargers can increase EMF exposure from cell phones – so don’t use them while they’re charging
  4. Avoid traditional headsets. Instead, opt for air tube headsets, which deliver great sound without EMF exposure
  5. Putting your cell phone on airplane mode stops connectivity with the towers, minimizing radiation exposure
  6. Get rid of electric blankets, waterbeds, and electric heating pads
  7. Use a quality shielding phone case that is designed to block various forms of radiation.
  8. Purchase shielded, grounded extension cords and power cords for home use
  9. Change your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude smoke detectors, alarms, etc. and then switch off the circuit breaker at night
  10. Use battery-powered alarm clocks
  11. Leave at least eight inches of space between your bed and your wall. Wiring (even in walls) can emit a significant magnetic field
  12. Position your bed so that it’s as far away as possible from strong magnetic field sources, including the utility pole, refrigerator, and home entertainment center
  13. Forget about Bluetooth headsets. Use speaker mode to keep your phone as far away from your body as possible
  14. If you’re using a laptop at home, avoid Wi-Fi and opt for hard-wired Ethernet connections
  15. Purchase a radio frequency meter, which will allow you to pinpoint EMF hotspots
  16. Reduce or eliminate dimmer switches, wireless products, printers, scanners, computers, television sets, and other energy-saving devices.